The devil is in the detail!

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IIJ have long strived to push boundaries and show the world the immense possibilities of inkjet technology.

Recently we’ve been given the challenge of printing the smallest micro text we can produce in a variety of inks. Luckily the Konica Minolta KM1800i printhead has the perfect mix of drop size and resolution together with high jetting accuracy, to make this possible.

For security applications, the use of variable content such as text within the artwork of the document has long been an overt way of suppressing counterfeit. To do this in innovative ways increases the security level while often not requiring additional expensive scanning equipment to validate the authenticity of the document.

Our applications experts have been working to produce some truly amazing results. We can now print 0.8pt font in both visible inks and covert inks. We can also manipulate text to give an extra layer of security. Add to this the ability to reposition text on documents dynamically to ensure the highest placement accuracy possible, then you have some of the most advanced inkjet solutions for security printing available.

This kind of leading-edge work will be on display on IIJ’s booth at the Security Document World exhibition and conference at the London Excel from 11th to 13th of June.

We continue to put inkjet technology through its paces, making sure we have all the tools available to make inkjet work for our customers.

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