Our hybrid label process makes high quality short run and variable data labels economic at real production speeds.

Typical label applications
  • Self adhesive labels – full colour labels for food & beverage; personal care; and industrial applications
  • Wet glue labels – full colour labels for food & beverage and industrial applications
  • Swing tags – Variable data & spot colour tags for clothing
  • RFID tags – Variable data onto textile, paper or synthetic labels containing RFID antenna & chip
  • Fabric labels – washing instructions and care information for clothing
Turn your analogue press digital

IIJ’s compact digital label modules are perfect for adding the benefits of digital print to an existing analogue press. With years of experience of fitting process colour print engines to flexo presses from Mark Andy, Nilpeter, Comco, Omet, and Gallus, IIJ have been at the forefront of the hybrid evolution of the label production process. Additionally, IIJ’s high speed single colour engines have added variable data capabilities to both flexo presses and litho presses such as Muller Martini, DG press, MAN Roland, and Heidelberg. With speeds from 50 m/min to 300m/min and resolutions from 360 dpi to 1200 dpi, IIJ’s print engines are some of the most productive on the market without compromising on quality. Adding the functionality of spot colours, spot varnish, covert security inks and high opacity white, they are truly versatile.

Self adhesive labels

Short run colour self adhesive labels can be perfectly produced using IIJ’s high resolution process colour engines, the ColourPrint HiQ series. Suitable for premium labels used in the food and beverage sector, personal care such as shampoo and cosmetics, nutraceutical labelling, and labels for consumer goods. For industrial labels and coding and marking labels, including security labels, the MonoPrint series really hit the spot. If migration and set off concerns exist for an application, IIJ also has a range of solutions using Low Migration inks, so pretty much whatever you are looking for in an inkjet labelling solution, IIJ can deliver.
RFID & Swing labels

IIJ has a long history of providing solutions for the printing of variable data onto RFID and swing tags. In combination with industry partners, codes and human readable information can be generated from the encoded RFID chip and printed onto a wide variety of substrates, from self adhesive labels, card swing tags, and even fabric and synthetic security tags, for the clothing and high value consumer goods markets. Adding verification also allows customers to achieve a robust and secure solution.

Clothing swing tags without RFID are also easily produced by combining our outstanding variable data capabilities with our latest colour management capabilities, giving accurate spot colour identifiers required in this market.
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    Print system configurations for labels

    The key advantage of the IIJ on-press solution for digital label production is that it can fit onto your existing label press, in-line with your existing finishing. As the IIJ Print Engines can operate at speeds of up to 100m/min for full colour or up to 300m/min for single colour, this can happen without the need to slow your press down.

    Therefore, the most common configuration is to fit the engine together with the curing system onto 1 to 2 of the flexo stations, allowing for flexo print before and after the variable print, along with inline die cut, foiling, and rotary screen printing etc. The result being high quality short run labels in one pass.
    Most common applications
    • Beverage labelling
    • Pharmaceutical labels
    • Security Labels
    • RFID clothing labels
    • Industrial Labels
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