Konica Minolta KM1024aLHG-RC printhead

  • The first product from Konica Minolta utilising dual flow nozzle level recirculation, the KM1024aLHG-RC is the most compact recirculating printhead on the market. This analogue driven printhead has a very high productivity making it ideal for high laydown applications such as ceramics and opaque white printing, in a narrow footprint.

  • Simple to integrate, tough and reliable with good fluid compatibility
  • Available in 25pl drop size. Variants are available for solvent, oil, UV and water-based inks. These heads are suitable for use with recirculating ink systems.

KM1024aLHG-RC specifications

Available ink types

Independent channel, on-demand piezo

Number of nozzlesTotal number of printable nozzles
1024 (256 x 4 rows)

Channel resolutionThe number of ink channels/printable nozzles per linear inch
70.5μm pitch (360 dpi: 4 rows x 90 dpi)

Grey scaleThe method of producing variable drop sizes by multiple fires of the printing nozzle
8 levels

Typical frequencyThe maximum ink jetting frequency when a typical ink is used
12.8kHz at 3dpd
5.7kHz at 8dpd

Drive voltageMissing Content
19 +/- 3V
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