Industrial Inkjet Ltd (IIJ) make late-stage, full-colour, full-speed customisation of packaging, flexible, cost-effective and hassle-free.

Typical packaging applications
  • Pulp Packaging such as egg cartons
  • Foil for pharmaceutical blister packs
  • High speed coding of food and beverage carton
  • High quality carton board printing
  • Shrink film for non food items
  • Metal packaging such as paint tins and tubes
Pulp packaging

The Industrial Inkjet Ltd system is designed to print onto a variety of materials, from standard pulp products, to greaseproof products and products derived from grass, sugar cane and palm. All of these can be printed using the same print system design. The inks that we have certified for the pulp packaging application are very cost-effective while meeting all necessary regulatory requirements. Combined with the savings in set-up time, tooling and waste, our cost-per-print figures are fully competitive with conventional print processes.

Lightning fast variable printing

These egg boxes can be customised as late as just the day before for promotional events, seasonal advertising or store marketing campaigns.
Produced with ColourPrint 72i print engines.

Pharmaceutical packaging

The pharmaceutical sector is an exciting and growing market, with many standards and specification requirements. We are able to meet the demanding criteria of exceptional print quality, uncompromised data security, production that is free of hazardous chemicals and unique security codes for product tracing.

We can facilitate printing on:
• Flat cartons
• Pre-glued cartons
• Erected cartons
• Customization on aluminium blister packs
• Printing of aluminium foils
• Medical pack web materials from aluminium
• Plastic, paper and medical grade paper

Rigid and flexible packaging

Our reliable print engine systems give you the ability to print monochrome or full colour graphics with variable data and barcodes 2D codes on flexible and rigid packaging. Rigid packaging can include paper, corrugated card or fibreboard materials. These are then used to form a box, tray or case. Meanwhile, flexible packaging can be made of plastic films and there are a wide range of plastic polymers used to produce these ranging from polypropylene to nylon and aluminium foil.
Printing on foils

Foil printing is popular in many different markets, blister foil is particularly popular in the pharmaceutical industry whilst sweet wrappers within the confectionery market are a common occurrence. Printing on foil requires a large amount of information in a small area therefore the print needs to be sharp, legible and durable. Our special non-migrating inks are the perfect option for food and pharmaceutical applications.
Cosmetic packaging

The ever-expanding cosmetic packaging segment is one of the largest in the packaging market. We can help you with the demand for non-toxic materials which require unique security codes with a cost-effective solution. We can provide high quality printing on the materials needed for cosmetic packaging, including plastic, metal and glass.
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    Quality printing on recyclable pulp

    We don’t want to have to worry about our impact on this planet when planning that important event. Recyclable pulp packaging is the answer. Greaseproof, waterproof and made from a variety of base materials means that at that Birthday Party, Wedding, Concert or festival, or just grabbing lunch from your local pop-up food van, you are not having a negative impact on the world.

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