From high speed, high resolution, variable data, invisible and covert inks, to high quality ID document printing, Industrial Inkjet Ltd (IIJ) has the answer

Typical security applications
  • ID Documents – Passports, driving licences etc
  • Tax & Duty Stamps – Tobacco and alcohol stamp coding
  • Secure Documents – Exam Papers, Government Documents etc.
  • Brand Protection – Labels for software and high end consumer goods.


IIJ’s print engines utilise Konica Minolta’s KM1800i printheads, unrivalled for their high speed and high quality operation. Linear speeds of 200m/minute from a single row of printheads meets our customer’s productivity demands without unnecessary cost or complexity. The very thin format of the printheads also allows Industrial Inkjet to design very compact print engines. In the case of a full-colour system the distance from first to last printhead is only 140mm. This packing density means that print quality is assured even if motion of the media is less than ideal.


IIJ are experts in matching inks to applications. In particular we understand the importance of reliability and ensure that any ink that we certify is fully proven to guarantee peerless system reliability and up-time. The inks that we have certified for security applications include UV-fluorescent types (red, green, blue and yellow), IR-readable and high optical density blacks. Additionally, we have inks specially formulated to meet the tough abrasion, bend and scratch tests required for credit card printing. We also have a range of white inks and varnishes.

In terms of the print hardware itself we have print widths from 72mm to 597mm and print speeds from 50 to 300m/minute. We have a lot of experience in creating special software functions, not just to grade and verify print, but also to automatically generate quality reports for each production batch, or to track, isolate and reject failures. We understand the need to keep the system simple to operate while preventing unauthorised intervention in the print process.


Our print quality is second to none.
Combined with our ink test laboratory, our print samples laboratory allows us to develop the optimum print recipe for each of our customer’s media. Our ability to precisely control the inkjet drop formation allows us to print high quality text as small as 1 point font.

We are very familiar with projects that require the development of new security features such as passports or banknotes. We are used to working with government departments, printing companies, and ink and media suppliers to produce highly novel and innovative security features, and are able to produce complex multi-feature samples for both market acceptance trials and tender support.

We are known and recognised in the Security printing industry for our high quality, reliable, high speed systems, tailored to the exacting demands of our customers.


The essential simplicity of IIJ’s inkjet system design minimises costs while maximising reliability. With competitive ink costs and very low waste, the proven long life and extremely high up-time of our print engines provides low running costs and maximum return on investment.

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