Konica Minolta KM1280iMHH Printhead

The KM1280iMHH Printhead is

  • 45kHz shear mode actuation and native 450 dpi resolution over 72mm print swathe.
  • Simple to integrate, tough and reliable with good fluid compatibility.
  • Designed to be used in high quality print systems with UV inks.
  • Using proven bulk piezoelectric technology to deliver 10pl drop volumes at 450 dpi resolution in a narrow 17.6mm footprint.
  • Designed to be operated in a wide range of different orientations. The printhead is suitable for use with recirculating ink systems for example for white or metallic inks. printheads can be used in binary or greyscale (3bit) modes.
  • Fitted with a silicon nozzle plate for increased jetting accuracy.
A fast and reliable solution for applications requiring high quality

  • Coding and marking
  • Packaging applications
  • Plastic card decoration
  • Security applications
  • Printed electronics
  • Direct to shape

KM1280iMHH specifications

Available ink types

Independent channel, on-demand piezo

Number of nozzlesTotal number of printable nozzles
1280 (320 x 4 rows)

Channel resolutionThe number of ink channels/printable nozzles per linear inch
56.4μm pitch (450 dpi: 4 rows x 112.5 dpi)

Grey scaleThe method of producing variable drop sizes by multiple fires of the printing nozzle
8 levels

Typical frequencyThe maximum ink jetting frequency when a typical ink is used

Drive voltageMissing Content
12.5 +/- 3V
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