Identity Week 2024 – IIJ will be exhibiting at IDW 2024

11 - 12 June

Amsterdam Netherlands

This June IIJ will be exhibiting again at Identity Week 2024 (IDW24) held in Amsterdam for 2024.

As well as our usual innovation in samples, IIJ will be promoting the Small MonoPrint systems with associated 19″ rack server solution, for our smallest footprint solution.

The classic narrow web ColourPrint range between 72/75mm and 212/223mm in print width suits passport and ID applications.

The Wider widths MonoPrint range from 72mm all the way up to 2m wide covers most markets and sector requirements.

The IIJ Security solutions all use Konica Minolta print head technology focusing on either the work horse of the sector. The KM1024iSHE, MHE or LHE depending on drop volume requirements, will be shown. For higher resolutions you can also see the KM1800i for 600dpi resolution requirements.

Perfect for Security applications: both these print heads utilise PIJ/DOD print head technology and work exceptional well with covert ink fluid technology.

Attending Identity Week 2024 will again be Ian Monksfield and Mike Thwaites, veterans of the Identity Week exhibition.

Ian is our resident expert of the world of Security Printing. With almost 14 years industry knowledge working with suppliers, and customers to bring the best that IIJ has to offer, Ian is our go to expert. For more information on innovations in Security print by IIJ please contact

Mike has been with IIJ for nearly 15 years and brings a wealth of experience on complex projects including security features using IIJ and Konica Minolta technology. For more information on how to work with him on your security printing solution, please contact him on

Mike covers the regions of U.K, Benelux, Nordics, Africa and the Middle East and APAC specifically.

For pre-booked meetings please contact us to organise and let us know your available times and we’ll schedule these in.

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Afterwards, to follow up with us or if you miss the event, drop us a message both here and also via

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