Konica Minolta adds New Printheads to its flagship range

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Konica Minolta have released 2 brand new printheads that further enhance its product range.

The KM1024aLHG-RC is a large drop dual-path nozzle-level recirculation printhead. The dual-path recirculation provides an exceptional degree of scavenging of each nozzle, removing air or ink sediment and ensuring it can run reliably with the most difficult inks and fluids. A native 25pl drop volume combined with new analog-waveform electronics greatly enhances the printhead’s laydown rate or productivity up to 67g/m2 at 24m/min. This new printhead is designed for demanding applications including ceramics, metallic inks, large-particle functional fluids, flood-coat varnishes, primers and low-stability white inks. The printhead incorporates a large-area replaceable ink filter. A very compact print head “footprint” (only 18.7mm thick) means print-bar dimensions can be 50% or less compared to competitors printheads.

The KM1024aSHE is a new small drop (6pl) printhead. The use of analog electronics results in approximately a 2x improvement in print productivity over earlier printhead models. With very compact dimensions, this printhead is an ideal way of radically increasing the throughput and print quality of UV wide-format or flat-bed printers.

As with all of Konica Minolta’s printheads, reliability and durability are a cornerstone of the design philosophy. Combined with the ability to handle a very wide range of inks, Konica Minolta ensures that their printheads are easy to integrate and trouble free in use. Detailed, open technical advice and support is available from Industrial Inkjet Ltd. Please contact us to discuss your requirements.

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