IIJ partners Sakurai Graphic Systems for open house.

IIJ partners Sakurai Graphic Systems, in Japan, are going ahead with their New Technology Introduction Show this week. It’s running from 14th April – 17th April 2020

The show is Sakurai’s annual exhibition of their new technology and products. This year is something very different – the introduction of a hybrid screen/inkjet press. Mr Sakurai, the company President, describes the “Fusion of Digital (Inkjet) and Analog (Silk Screen) Technologies”  as the culmination of the company’s challenges so far.

IIJ is very proud to partner with Sakurai in this development and also very pleased that the demonstration system is actually on site and working in Japan. Because of Covid-19 the IIJ inkjet engine took over 1 month to ship from UK to Japan, arriving only last Thursday (9th April 2020). Unable to travel to Japan, a team of IIJ engineers based in USA and UK have been working on-line around the clock with Sakurai’s engineers. The combined team effort worked amazingly well and the system went together almost flawlessly.

Customer Story

"The IIJ solution has enabled us to grow our business significantly by going into new markets... it has revolutionised our business."

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