Japan Inkjet Business Conference 2020

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30 - 31 January

Ivy Hall, Tokyo Japan

Industrial Inkjet Ltd are honoured to be invited to attend and present at the first of its kind, Inkjet Business Conference, in Japan. The event is organised by Ohno Inkjet Consulting.

The conference will include guest speakers from some of the inkjet industry’s elite such as IIJ’s, Director of Business Development, Paddy O’Hara. Paddy’s presentation title is: “Keeping Inkjet Simple – the secret of successful inkjet integration
Industrial Inkjet Ltd (IIJ) has supplied solutions to a multitude of industrial applications over the last 10 years, from Labels and packaging to printing direct to products.The secret of making this work has been to keep the systems as simple as possible, reducing cost, increasing robustness and simplifying support.In this presentation, how this has been achieved and how it benefits a range of markets will be explained.

Akiyoshi Ohno: Principal of Ohno Inkjet Consulting (OIJC) and organiser of the JIBC has been thinking about the concept of an ‘inkjet business conference’ for some years and is now planning to turn it into reality. There will also be networking opportunities and table top presentations.

There are several conferences in Europe, such as IMI, the IJC and InPrint, and there is a community for the inkjet industry formed around these events. There are also many inkjet-related exhibitions in China, but the emphasis is different to Japan. Instead, in Japan there is an academic society but it does not appear to be business-oriented.

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