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This article first appeared in Digital Labels & Packaging on October 30th, 2019

Konica Minolta is to introduce a new inkjet printhead, KM1280iMHH-S, designed with single-pass applications in mind, and to bridge the gap between high resolution/small drop size options and those offering larger drop sizes but with a lower resolution.

The new Konica Minolta KM1280iMHH-S is retrofittable into existing KM1024i (pictured) printhead systems

KM1280iMHH-S has 1280 nozzles and a 450npi nozzle resolution, a native drop volume of 10pL, a print width of 72mm and typical frequency of 40kHz. It can run solvent, oil, UV and aqueous inkjet inks. As is typical with Konica Minolta printheads, it has a compact profile at 17.6mm deep. It is retrofittable into existing KM1024i printhead (pictured) systems with minor modifications.

Introduced at this year’s The Inkjet Conference by Paddy O’Hara, business development director at Industrial Inkjet (IIJ), KM1280iMHH-S is identified as, ‘offering the best of both worlds.’

Mr O’Hara said, ‘As a 450npi printhead with a 10pL drop size, it sits somewhere in the middle.

‘At 600dpi and with a small drop size, yes fine details and nice prints can be produced, but the difficulty is that you are limited to a short print distance, so high speed printing and large print distances are an issue. When you go to a larger drop size, you have the print distance but lose the quality.

‘With this head, we believe you can get the best of both worlds; detailed prints and a decent print distance.’

KM1280iMHH-S is seen as an option for single-pass VDP applications, with a higher resolution allowing printing of codes, fine text and good wetting, coupled with a, ‘usable print gap and high print speed.’ A silicone nozzle plate allows better drop accuracy at high speeds and with a large print gap. Mr O’Hara further identified direct-to-object printing as a potentially big market for KM1280iMHH-S, with improved print quality over 360dpi alternatives and better drop positioning. A 10pL drop volume also suits printing of white and spot varnish.

Konica Minolta printheads were in evidence for direct-to-shape printing at Printing United.

KM1280iMHH-S will be available in 2020.

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