Making Inkjet Work with Tailored Solutions

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At Industrial inkjet Ltd, we don’t just sell high quality inkjet modules, we provide tailored solutions to match our customers’ requirements. Sounds easy enough, but as with everything there is a lot more to this than meets the eye.

As we are often on the leading edge of what is currently possible, our technical sales staff have to assess the chances of success for any given project and where necessary guide the customer along a path that maybe they hadn’t first thought of, but is much more likely to succeed. Then our applications team test the substrates against our ever-evolving range of inks, printheads, pre-treatments and coatings, to find the right recipe for the customer.

Once this has been dialled in, it’s the turn of our team of experienced and talented design engineers. They understand the inkjet design rules and good practice to make a reliable, robust production solution, working closely with the customer to understand exactly what is required.

As it is often the case that the inkjet system will be fitted to an existing machine, the design will often include some mechanical adaptor or specialised engineering to ensure it can be successfully integrated. To do this IIJ will visit the intended site, assess and measure the location and then build this into their design.

This could be anywhere in the world, on a brand-new press or a combination of parts from older unused equipment. It could be on a giant packaging machine, a multi station flexo press or a small mailing conveyor, but following our company motto of “Making Inkjet Work” we always strive to put every effort into making it a success.

IIJ often includes additional system components such as UV curing, vision systems, splice avoidance systems and specialised software and these are also engineered in to meet the recipe requirements.

IIJ’s Engineering Team Supervisor, Phillip Allen, commented: “working at IIJ could never be described as dull. You never quite know what’s coming up next. But over the last couple of years we’ve been working away in the background to develop a modular approach that makes tackling these problems much more efficient”

Recently IIJ has developed an OEM solution platform with a single compact control unit for print driver, ink control and automatic maintenance. This is more easily integrated into enclosed applications such as packaging systems, card printing or even small label printing systems.

IIJ has a very wide range of modular inkjet units available, so most projects can be handled by this systems approach. However, sometimes the opportunity calls for something outside of this range, and then a more bespoke solution is required.

Again, IIJ does not shy away from this challenge, and actually as a fast moving, customer lead company, some of the most successful “standard” products come out of projects requiring non-standard solutions. To find out how IIJ can help you realise your inkjet ambitions and provide the right solution for your project, read more here or contact a member of our technical sales team:

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