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IIJ continues to strengthen it’s portfolio of impressive inkjet print modules with the shipment of its first MonoPrint 422XPi. Fitted with the powerful yet slimline KM1024iMHE printheads, two rows of heads are fitted into IIJ’s innovative and compact MonoPrint engine. Following IIJ’s ethos of tailoring systems to our customers’ particular demands, the XPi range can be configured to either a high speed 360dpi mode or a high resolution 720dpi mode. This one set to 720dpi and is capable of 720 x 720 dpi print at 80m/min or 720 x 360 dpi print at 160m/min, and will be installed into the USA next month. At 422 mm print swathe, this is the smallest version using this metalwork, and is upgradeable to 562mm wide.

Last month IIJ completed the installation of the sister product, the high resolution MP445HiQ, fitted with the 600 dpi KM1800i printheads in South Africa, showing just how versatile the IIJ print engine modules can be.


Pieter Le Grange, IIJ’s representative in South Africa, said: “This installation shows why IIJ have the solution for the simplest of ways to have a variable data digital Inkjet print engine. the simplicity of applying the retrofit mindset for an Inkjet solution from Industrial Inkjet Ltd. By combining toner based continuous systems peripherals, unwinder and rewinder, with a vacuum drive transport system, normally used for final product stacking, a digital Inkjet printer is born. Combining the IIJ Inkjet system with the latest GEW LED hybrid curing solution the customer is smiling.”

These products are most commonly used for the production of security documents such as tax and duty stamps, certificates, and election document etc. However, they are also ideal for high speed and covert track and trace printing onto labels and packaging.

Earlier this month IIJ also shipped it’s first ColourPrint 562i system fitted with low migration UV ink for printing onto pharmaceutical foil. This machine was the third IIJ engine purchased by the customer, and will be fitted to a bespoke media transport system manufactured by AB Graphics.

ColourPrint 562i

IIJ manufactures a range of compact inkjet print engines from 72mm to 594mm, from monochrome to full colour, 360 dpi, 600 or 720dpi and with the capability of production speeds from 54m/min to 200m/min. For an almost limitless range of applications. Why not visit the Print Engines page on our website?

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