At Industrial Inkjet Ltd we take pride in the quality of our technical support.

We have separate support teams for Konica Minolta head customers and for IIJ Product customers.

Konica Minolta  Printhead Customers

IIJ provides “deep” training and technical support to all Konica Minolta printhead customers

We know the issues that arise in every print system design project and we know how to avoid them. Our experience allows us to give invaluable advice at the design stage of a project, help during prototyping and testing and rapid fault diagnosis if something goes wrong. We understand how to achieve RELIABILITY and we are very keen to help every OEM customer to achieve this.

When you buy a Konica Minolta IJ printhead you are buying support from IIJ.

We will provide:

  • Initial product training and documentation
  • Design support and advice (including example designs)
  • Installation support and training
  • On-site hand-holding and problem solving
  • Advice on inks and training on ink testing

With our new training centre we are able to make sure that our OEM customers are fully trained – and regularly updated.

IIJ Customers

Our dedicated support team provides help to customers worldwide.

All our support staff are highly skilled professionals. They are backed up by a team of inkjet experts based in our HQ in UK.

All support requests are logged and tracked and are fully visible to that customer.

In practise around 80% of service requests are now handled remotely using Teamviewer to access the Printer, greatly reducing any down time.

When we do need to come to site we will do so promptly and willingly.

We maintain large stocks of spare parts.

Various Service Level Agreements allow our customers to budget accurately for regular maintenance and to balance cost versus risk for “emergency” cover.

We believe that the quality of training we provide to our customers is of the highest importance and is a significant factor in the success of each installation. Please refer to our TRAINING page.

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