Print Samples

  • Are you unsure whether inkjet will work for you?
  • Are you aware of the level of quality you can expect from inkjet?
  • Or maybe you are not sure what kind of print resolution or which kind of ink will work best on your substrate?

At IIJ we pride ourselves on the ability to demonstrate inkjet’s capability and will quickly respond to sample requests to answer your questions and take any risk out of your project. In our print sample lab we have XY scanning, single-pass and web-transport machines. You are very welcome to send us some substrates and an image file and we will print them for you.

We also offer demonstration visits to our lab where we work quickly and efficiently with your engineers to replicate your project – by the end of 2 days you will walk away with samples that reveal if inkjet works for you!


Interested in Print Samples?

Contact us to make an appointment, or make a request via our website’s contact form.