MonoPrint HiQ

Quality, Flexibility and Innovation

High Resolution Variable Data Printer

Up to 1200dpi; 100m/min with 20” print width


Increase your profitability by enabling short run or even personalised labels and brand protection features

Turn a conventional press digital at a fraction of the cost of a digital press

Ideal for high quality, late stage label and packaging customisation. All IIJ digital modules can be integrated onto most flexo presses with no more difficulty than existing analogue technology.

Using the latest high resolution printheads from Konica Minolta, the MonoPrint HiQ series can achieve the high standards of print quality, reliability and longevity that customers have come to expect from IIJ.

The MonoPrint HiQ is suitable for a wide range of applications:

  • Variable text
  • Spot Varnish
  • Low Migration Ink
  • Security Inks (IR-readable or UV-fluorescent)
  • White

Major Features

High Flexibility: The MonoPrint HiQ can utilise a wide range of ink solutions, and is compatible with most inkjet inks. Also, as the system can be tailored to each customer’s requirements, integration is much simpler.

High Reliability: As with all IIJ products the MonoPrint HiQ has excellent simplicity of overall design, and is designed and tested for reliability.

High Speed: The innovative imaging software and hardware give unrivalled high speed variable data capabilities. Due to its flexibility on speed and resolution, the speed of print is easily matched to the application.

Innovative Design: Due to its compact footprint existing equipment can be converted to digital. This also allows lower media control tolerance. The open design allows easy maintenance and simple operation.

Competitive Price: With a low capital cost compared to an Inkjet press, and significantly lower cost of ownership than comparable systems, the return on investment will be much faster. This is driven by high reliability, long lasting printheads and the use of high quality inks to reduce ink usage.

Knowledge and experience: IIJ’s team of inkjet system experts work closely with customers to ensure the right solution for each application.


HiQ spec