The KM512 series is a simple, low-cost 360dpi printhead with good accuracy.

It is available in 4, 14 and 42pl drop sizes. The head is available in X (fat) and Y (thin) chassis. Versions are available for solvent oil, UV and water-based inks. These heads are easily operated in different orientations. The X chassis heads can be used with recirculating ink systems. Heads can be used in binary or greyscale (2bit) modes.

For the full model range, see datasheet.

KM512N KM512H
Applicable Ink Oil / Solvent Ink UV Ink (High Viscosity)
Technology 3 cycle on demand piezo
Number of Nozzles 512 (256 x 2 rows)
Channel Resolution 70.5µm pitch (360 dpi: 141µm pitch x 2 rows)
Printing Width 36.03mm
Drop Velocity 6.0 +/- 0.5m / sec
Dimensions L 67mm x D 40mm (20mm excluding wings) x H 71.8mm, Less than 95gm
Heater (for UV ink) No Yes
Recommended Temp Ambient Under 55 degrees C
L, M or S Variants L M S
Grey Scale 4 levels 4 levels 4 levels
Drop Size 40pl +/- 3 14pl +/- 2 4pl
Max Frequency 7.6kHz 13.2kHz 20kHz
Drive Voltage 16+-3V 16+-3V 20+-3V