3 years of Inprint…

3 years of Inprint. So what do we think? 

Well its certainly “focussed”.

Every key inkjet ink supplier is there. Every printhead supplier is there.

And a lot of their customers are there – ie  machine builders.

Perhaps its not a show for  machine builders who already have a show. For example its not a show for wide format machines. Its not a show for ceramic tile printer machines or pharmaceutical blister pack printers. What perhaps Inprint is about is new markets and new applications.

It’s a show where you can find people willing to talk about new, difficult or just unusual applications.  If you manufacture a product and you think that inkjet can help you – but you cant find a system off the shelf – then Inprint is probably the best place to go. The chances are someone at Inprint will have an idea how to do what you need.

From IIJ’s point of view this is exactly what we do at Inprint.

john-inprint-2016Yes we see our existing customers and catch up on progress. But we also schedule a series of serious technical  meetings with new potential customers. Visitors to Inprint tend to be serious companies with a serious need for new technology. IIJ and Konica Minolta have the technical knowledge and experience to help such customers. We explain both what is possible and where the risks and difficulties will lie. And if we think that their requirement is still just too risky or too difficult then we will say so plainly. There is no point to promise what cant be delivered.

The key thing to remember in these meetings is always the money. If the economics are not correct then inkjet isn’t yet the right technology and we would all be wasting our time.

This year we also had a great party courtesy of Global Inkjet System (GIS) who were celebrating their 10 year anniversary. This was an excellent evening and a great chance to meet old friends. Everyone in the industry was present – even GIS’ competitors were invited!

Thank you GIS. We look forward to the 20 year party!scary-light

PS someone did comment that if the large chandelier overhead had slipped then an entire industry would have been destroyed!